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Boost Competitiveness by Leveraging Global Benefits and Total Rewards

How do you know if your global benefits and total rewards are truly competitive? 

Our sponsored Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report surveyed 214 global leaders to discover how companies around the world are managing their benefits and rewards.  

The report found that 87% of respondents reported that employees' expectations around benefits and rewards packages are higher than ever. In fact, aligning employee benefits with organizational goals is not only beneficial, but essential for future competitiveness.  

 How are you responding to meeting employees current and future needs with your rewards and benefits strategy? 

 In the report, Mark Kelly, Global Head of Benefits and Well-Being at BCG, reiterates the importance of competitive benefits: “You can’t just roll out one-size-fits-all programs across the globe.

In this report, you will discover:

How to effectively choose and use technology to manage your benefits and rewards.

The ways tailoring benefit offerings can boost engagement and retention.

What strategies global business leaders are using to improve their offerings, boost engagement, and maximize retention.

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